Girl Behind a Sheet

Anna Gleadell

Membership Secretary, Committee Member, Safeguarding Children Lead & Chaperone Lead.

When did you join BATS ?


What inspired you to join BATS ?

BATS were advertising auditions for Oliver! My all time favourite musical. It was very out of character for me to put myself in the spotlight, and I had not done anything like this since the compulsory school plays many years ago. I was really uncertain about taking the first step into a hall of strangers for the information meeting, but I did it! Following a nerve-racking audition, to my surprise, I was given the part of Widow Corney. A close friend died unexpectedly during this time; being part of this show gave me something to focus on. I am grateful for the new friends I met (especially Mr Bumble!); friends who have become a big part of my life.

Which has been your favourite production ?

It has to be Oliver! It was my introduction to BATS and they have not been able to get rid of me since! Despite not setting foot on the stage since Oliver! (which shows just how out of character it was), there are numerous behind the scenes jobs which keep me busy, and enable me to give something back to this lovely group.

What would be your dream role in the theatre ?

I have no idea! A character working hard behind the scenes!

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