Teresa Fraser

Publicity Manager.

When did you join BATS ?


What inspired you to join BATS ?

BATS has been in my family's blood for many years now. It was my sister, Lesley Mercer who encouraged myself and my children to become part of this amazing, warm, friendly group. Lesley has been a stalwart of BATS for some decades now and we would love to go along to the village hall to support her and watch many fantastic productions. Both my children joined BATS (My daughter was in Andy Kimber's last panto, Cinderella and my son followed on the year after) I initially, popped along as a mum helper making cups of tea at rehearsals. I then made my debut in the chorus of Oliver. Everything from the acting, to costume making, set building and general group socialising makes BATS a great group to belong too.

Which has been your favourite production ?

Holiday Snap

What would be your dream role in the theatre ?

Shirley Valentine or Donna from Mamma Mia (It's all Greek to me!!)

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