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Due to the current Covid 19 situation, BATS activities are restricted to online meetings and events until further notice.

Watch this space for an update.

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When The British Xylonite Company Ltd commissioned Brantham Village Community Hall in 1914, (as the centrepiece of their new model village), they included a stage, complete with purpose built wings and proscenium arch. It is fairly certain that Amateur Theatricals have taken place in the hall for over 100 years, although the early shows are lost in the mists of time.
Brantham Amateur Theatrical Society (BATS) can loosely trace its history to 1972 when a Drama subcommittee of the Community Council known as the Brantham Community Council Drama Group staged their first production - the pantomime Tom Thumb. Briefly known as The Brantham Players they became BATS in 1982. Then when the Community Council was disbanded in 1985 they became a fully independent Society.


We perform all of our productions at Brantham Village Hall in the county of Suffolk. We also operate two workshops, Junior and Teen BATS, for the younger members in our group.


Junior BATS has been running since 1988.

The main aims of the group are: 

  • Having fun together as friends 

  • Learning new skills and improving or developing present ones, including reading and speaking aloud 

  • Learning how to set up a production 

  • Some children have written their own scripts – we use them over and over! 

  • Understanding what it means to be committed (with the support of friends and family – sometimes family celebrations are an understandably strong magnet, as are sleepovers and school discos) 

  • Dressing up is a part of the excitement in being on stage 

  • Sometimes we make masks and paint scenery together 

  • Learning lines is essential 

We have been running so long that we have children of previous batlets. Some have grown up to take part in our other adult productions and as chorus members of our musicals and pantomimes. One or two have gone into ‘Show Business’, which includes working on cruise ships, and one member now has her Doctorate in Letters (Cassie Adjei).


We normally run in school time, so that many children start the term they are seven years old. This allows for them to become confident readers, but we have allowed younger ones to start with the encouragement of their parents. So – when they are ready.

The safety of your children is our upmost priority and you can read our Safeguarding Policy here.

The group is staffed by volunteers within BATS; it is led by Angie Heath, B.Ed (Drama) Dip.Spok.Eng (Dist).


Teenbats has been running for around eight years. We meet in term-time Fridays from 8.00pm until 9.30pm at Brantham Village Hall.


Recent productions have included "Death takes the train" and "Dark Road" which have both had good reviews. Most sessions are of a workshop nature, looking at improvisation, technique and other aspects of productions, unless we are working on a play.


The group's aim is to build on things already learnt in Junior BATS and to encourage members’ particular interests. Teenbats is open to secondary school age children and young people. 


The current leaders are Mark Hinson assisted by Ian Southgate. 

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